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Target group chauffeur with no fear of big questions.

Miriam Germar is magically attracted to Wicked Problems - mastering them is the first step to successful communication. Miriam was already preoccupied with issues like "suspended animation" at university. She had chosen the question of the changing boundaries of life for her degree. After all, time is precious - and should be invested in relevant topics. In the past as well as today, locally as well as globally: people are looking for answers and have different interests. In more than twenty years of corporate-, stakeholder- and change communications, Miriam Germar never forgot to "pick up" stakeholders first and foremost at their concerns or wishes - and to involve them in the dialog in the right way.

Miriam Germar studied Applied Cultural Studies, Ethnology and History with an economic and medical background at the University of Münster. She has been contributing her knowledge to Klenk & Hoursch since 2022.


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Miriam Germar

Senior Consultant

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