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Social Media & Digital Marketing

Knowing what works.

We enable you to open up opportunities on new platforms, with new tools and new communication habits. We know "what’s going digital" and what that can contribute. This ultimately allows us to make efficient use of resources and avoid „social digital gluttony“.

We provide trainings for social media tools and channels, develop strategies, governance, attitudes, guidelines, create all types of online publications, provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO), develop campaigns and handle your community management. And everything in between.

We look at all options of the digital era in terms of benefit and efficiency while analyzing your business, your target groups, your content and your story.

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Simeon Ulandowski

Senior Consultant

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„It’s about using resources efficiently rather than social media gluttony.“ 

Sebastian Riedel

Community Management

Friday evening on Facebook: "Hello, is anyone there?!"

You deserve the weekend off, of course, #tgif. And your customers? Well, they have a question about the booking process on your website, a critical review of the latest product or they just want to leave a positive review because the return policy worked out so well.

Your answer? It’s not going to come until 9 a.m. on Monday? In many cases this is perfectly okay, but in others it is not. Klenk & Hoursch offers two solutions to bring your customer communication on the Social Web up to scratch.


1. We’ll train your team

Would you like to distribute the responsibility for community management within your team in order to ensure that even marginal hours and weekends are covered? Or would you rather have your colleagues in the Service Center take over? Both solutions are possible: we train your team in either 4 or 6 hour practical workshops on communication in social media, covering questions such as: how do the channels tick, how do I rate comments and posts correctly and how is language used on Facebook, Twitter and the like? With real practice posts, we turn your team into successful community managers in no time.

2. We’ll take over your channel

If you lack the capacity, our community management experts are able to take over. Either during the off-peak hours, on weekends, or even Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 10 pm. Once basic processes (response speed, access, escalation levels) have been defined and the style of language is determined, we create Q&As or develop existing documents further. An experienced consultant is your first point of contact and leads the Community Manager team. Learn more about the product in this short presentation. If you have any further questions or need a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Social Media Profiler

If you want to be positioned on the Social Web, you need to know where you stand…!

Whether you have just entered the social web or already have experience with it, our Social Media Profiler will give you an analysis of where you can optimise your social network positioning.

Answers to questions such as: “Do our brands, products and services even exist online?”, “Are they spoken about positively?” “Which topics and influencers are critical for us?” demand more than just a gut reaction. With the help of the monitoring tool ‘Talkwalker’, we analyse all the required channels. The interpreted figures come with an influencer cluster in a bite-sized presentation, along with strategic recommendations for the next steps. You are also welcome to determine further focal points for the analysis and, for example, get a ‘Benchmarking Test’ for the most important competitors.

For further information please contact Daniel J. Hanke.

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