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Career Stages

The purpose of mentoring, internal and external training, feedback and target agreements? Your optimal personal development with us. Everyone has its own pace, individual interests and abilities. By describing the requirements and focal points of the individual career levels in a very concrete and transparent way, everyone knows what to do and what is expected.

The first 100 days at Klenk & Hoursch are particularly important to us. No matter whether you start as a junior or senior – we make sure your onboarding is organized well and quickly...

Ina Bauer on the first 100 days at Klenk & Hoursch (Video in German)

Junior Consultant

Our Junior Consultants are university graduates with Bachelors or Masters degrees. During their studies and internships they have gained a wide range of experience in PR, communications and journalism, and may already have some professional experience. After a structured onboarding period consisting of a boot camp and a detailed six week induction plan, they are quickly integrated into client work. Intensive “on-the-job” learning ensures a steep learning curve. The range of their daily work is as varied as our client portfolio: contacting the media, maintenance of social media channels, research and analysis, coordination of partial projects, brainstormings, involvement with presentations, support with strategy development and much more. They are also introduced to the agency’s systems, processes and consultancy tools.


Our Consultants combine their strategic minds and creative instinct with a love for detail. They are experienced in corporate and / or brand communications and work on their own client projects in close cooperation with a Senior Consultant, Director, or Partner. They are university graduates and have at least three years of professional experience. Their curiosity drives them to constantly build on their potential and methodical know-how.

Senior Consultant

Our Senior Consultants are key points of contact for our clients. They have gained many years of experience in PR, from project management to planning and implementation of cross media campaigns. In addition, they are responsible for the budget and have experience in personnel management. As Senior Consultants they are essential to the company culture. They actively pass on knowledge and experience within the agency as well as drive further development of the agency´s consultancy portfolio together with Directors and Partners.


Our Directors have many years of experience and have mastered the entire range of corporate and brand communications. They develop communications strategies for clients from various industries, managing and evaluating their implementation. They are essential to the culture of the agency and are jointly responsible for human resources management. Moreover, their responsibilities involve acquiring new clients as well as expanding our areas of consultancy.

Team Assistant

Our Team Assistants have already worked in a communications agency or have work experience in comparable industries. They are characterized by their organisational talent, quick perceptions, independent, uncomplicated way of working and perfect understanding of MS Office. They stay on top of things in hectic situations. They enjoy handling all organisational and administrative tasks and supporting our client teams in their daily work.


Our interns are students who plan to enter the PR world after completing their degrees. They are keen to learn a great deal during their internship: we allow them to do so by offering an insight into the workings of a professional PR company. It is important that they are interested, inquisitive and are fully engaged. They stay with us for at least three months.

Marie-Christine Kling on Young Professionals at Klenk & Hoursch (Video in German)

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