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Employer Branding for the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin: From the EVP to a creative campaign

Challenges / Approach

With about 24.000 employees Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin is the biggest university hospital in Europe. That makes Charité one of the largest employers in Berlin. Here, medical experts and research workers research, treat and teach at the highest international standards. However, like almost all healthcare institution, Charité is experiencing considerable difficulties in maintaining operations and providing comprehensive care for its patients in the more than 100 clinics in and around Berlin. The reason for that is an acute lack of professionals. Currently more than 700 nurses are needed at the hospital and more than 370.000 throughout the country. Other sectors, like IT and Administration, are suffering from staff shortages as well.

In order to attract new professionals and convince them of the advantages of Charité while retaining current employees, Klenk & Hoursch develops a strategic employer brand, which is being translated into an effective employer branding-campaign.


For that purpose, Klenk & Hoursch uses an analytic and strategic approach. By interviewing numerous employees and conducting a target group analyses, a genuinely comprehensive picture is gained. Through that the essential narratives and elements of the employer brand like the corporate culture can be defined, and then condensed into a differentiating employee value proposition (EVP).

The EVP offers the opportunity to form a creative central idea. In cooperation with the partner agency Nordisk Büro, Klenk & Hoursch develops the campaign „Charité. Zukunft gestalten. Jede:r zählt.“ (Charité. Shaping the future. Everyone counts.) out of that.

Considering the critical image of the healthcare sector, we are choosing the approach: Earning authenticity and honesty! To this end, the campaign tells the story of more than 50 staff-members at Charité. By that we focus on the humans and show qualified applicants why it is worth working at Charité. To reach maximum visibility and an optimal effect we cooperate with media partner KDM – Kontor Digital Media in order to display our campaign through out-of-home media in Berlin and nationwide on digital touchpoints. We use retargeting measures to ensure that we keep addressing our target group.


The recent campaign has already led to a significant increase in the use of the career portal and the number of qualified applicants. The employees' identification with the company is high, which means that they support the campaign and are increasingly acting as recommenders to potential applicants.

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Daniel J. Hanke

Board & Partner

More about Charité: Building a successful employer brand?


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