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Content Marketing as a Method

Beuth Verlag's Campaign in the Year of Revision

Challenge / Approach

The revision of the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 is highly relevant for the majority of German companies. As a multimedia knowledge service provider and DIN subsidiary, Beuth Verlag is the most reliable source of information on standardization and quality management. In the year of the revision, the publishing house wanted to position itself as an expert among quality managers and auditors and generate qualified new customer leads. For this purpose, a comprehensive content marketing campaign was developed with the support of Klenk & Hoursch.


The core element of the campaign was the user-centered content hub Exclusive, free and editorial content was made available in the form of white papers, webinars, infographics and videos. A regular newsletter and Beuth Verlag's social media channels increased the reach and traffic on the website. Accompanying communication activities such as PR, cooperation, SEO and SEM made the information initiative launched in summer 2015 known across all channels. In this way, the hub quickly became the contact point for German-speaking quality managers - long before the worldwide standard was published.


The mix of strategy, creativity and user centricity has been very successful. The success was reflected in the high retention time, the growing number of leads and the conversion of these leads into Beuth customers. The hard facts: In the relatively short campaign period from July to September 2015, around 18,350 unique users were activated. They spent almost three minutes on the website in around 27,100 sessions. In total, the site was accessed more than 67,800 times. Around 2,000 newsletter registrations and 3,000 qualified leads were generated, of which 1,215 became new customers.

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Sebastian Riedel

Senior Consultant

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