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Responsibility in the Bitburger Braugruppe

Report on sustainability in a modern format

Challenge / Approach

For more than 200 years, the responsibility for people and the environment has shaped the actions of the Bitburger Braugruppe. Social and ecological challenges in the context of social value change are placing growing demands on companies. In 2011, the brewery group began to strategically tackle the issue of sustainability with the support of Klenk & Hoursch. Part of this is also the conception and preparation of a brewery group-wide sustainability report every two years.


The first Sustainability Report 2013 was published in a classic print format. Besides taking over consulting, project coordination and management of the graphics partner, Klenk & Hoursch was also especially responsible for editing the copy. The same applied to the 2015 follow-up report, which tied in with the successful first report in terms of composition and structure. However, on the basis of a stakeholder survey and materiality analysis, it was further developed as an online magazine. Both print and online reports contained all sustainability indicators, concrete examples, successes and goals. In the online magazine, this was supplemented by personal, highly visual stories and multimedia elements such as video sequences and interactive graphics. Equally appealing for all relevant stakeholders such as NGOs, journalists, experts, employees and consumers. This was an important step towards increasing public awareness and raising customer awareness.


The holistic concept, the target group-oriented implementation and the appealing visual design have resulted in two reports that build on each other. The focus is on the three fields of action Climate & Resources, Work & Future and Product & Responsibility. The 60-page printed report was printed with approx. 4,500 copies on environmental paper with vegetable oil-based inks. The online magazine 2015 [] links the contents on a long-term basis via social media channels and can be used for a broad communication - for example by continuously adding new articles to the news section. The diverse content invites readers to read and enables a long-term, open and transparent dialogue.

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Georg Lahme

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