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Real time stress test at Frankfurt Airport

Crisis simulation with Fraport

Challenge / Approach

Every two years the International Civil Aviation Organisation obliges airports to carry out emergency exercises. At Frankfurt Airport, it is not just the fire brigade, emergency services and authorities who are put to the test; the Fraport AG also scrutinises its processes, tools and team setup of corporate communications. In 2014 and 2016 Klenk & Hoursch supported them with extremely realistically simulations across all channels.


Based on the operation exercise, a comprehensive communications director's notebook was produced. It contained various levels of escalation and details: Where was the crisis initiated? What is driving the crisis? Where will it reach its climax? How and when can the team help?

Klenk & Hoursch organized the onsite control room and oversaw the communications training. The channels Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were simulated via a high secure platform [Link:]. The team had to react to the individual developments of the crisis according to the corresponding situation. In cooperation with extras, radio and television stations (e.g. FFH, Rhein-Main TV and Hessischer Rundfunk), calls from journalists, emails and interviews were simulated. Moreover, Klenk & Hoursch representatives observed the whole process onsite.


As a result in 2014 fundamental processes were changed, new tools were introduced and the team setup was optimized:

  • Social media became the starting point for the flow of communication in a crisis, ensuring a quick first response
  • A new telephone system was implemented for centralized management and to structure the a high capacity of calls
  • Close cooperation with parties who could be implicated at the airport, creating a necessary routine and familiarity

In 2016 the changes led to a significantly quicker reaction speed and a more systematic handling of the enquiries during the training. The Fraport AG retains control of communications and acts with sovereignty.

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Tobias Müller

Board & Partner

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