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Sustainable Enjoyment

Brand Awareness for Kaufland's Quality Meat

Challenge / Approach

More and more people are paying careful attention to their diet and are buying food more consciously. Nowadays, it is more about quality than quantity – especially when it comes to meat.

In this context, Kaufland introduced the quality meat program "Wertschätze" in autumn 2018 combining high quality standards and animal welfare with better conditions for farmers. The story is good, but complex. In order to communicate the values associated with the "Wertschätze" private label to consumers, a more attention-grabbing hook is needed.


Klenk & Hoursch accompanies the launch of the private label with classic media relations. The focus is on the conscious enjoyment of meat. Following a media event, proactive media relations with target group-specific content and expert interviews are key. In order to raise awareness, especially among lifestyle and food media, renowned star chef Robin Pietsch is involved as an authentic testimonial. He develops recipes using meat products, gives tips, statements and interviews and is the main act at a live cooking event for journalists. Speakers from Kaufland are on site to answer questions regarding sustainability, animal welfare and the products. In addition, Kaufland speakers participate in a panel discussion at the “International Green Week” trade show on sustainability and animal welfare and are positioned with interviews in relevant CSR and trade media.


The campaign ensures coverage on the private label “Wertschätze” in relevant media. During the media event, Kaufland establishes personal relationships with journalists and positions itself as an expert on sustainably produced food. The discussions at the “International Green Week” trade show additionally strengthen relationships with the trade media.

Within three months we have achieved:

  • Over 70 clippings in relevant print and online media
  • With a reach of over 12 million readers/users
  • Advertisement equivalent value of approx. 350,000 Euro

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