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Video documentation for the Siemens Foundation

Impressions and original sounds from the expert conference "MINT und Werte" (STEM and values).

Challenges / Approach

Press conferences, conventions, expert presentations, trade fairs and events. How do you make the content of such events accessible? The Siemens Foundation was faced with this challenge in March 2017 with the expert conference “STEM and Values – How Values Can Be Taught in Schools”. In total there were 120 participants, 3 hours of keynote speeches and panels, as well as 12 focus sessions. The solution: a microsite as well as extensive video documentation about the event. This was not only factual, but filmed with atmospheric insights, original sounds and impressions.


With its own in-house video producer, Klenk & Hoursch not only prepared the event, but also took care of all the steps involved in creating the video documentation: strategy and concept, organization and on-site filming with professional camera equipment, post production including editing and final distribution. The focus was on two key video formats:

  • Recording of the individual lectures, discussion and focus sessions in full for factual 1:1 reproduction.
  • Moodfilm as an atmospheric insight into the expert conference. Aided by the use of powerful images and interviews with participants and speakers.


A tailor-made, completely worry-free video package. Strategically integrated into the overall concept of the expert conference and subsequently distributed via the microsite and newsletter to approx. 1,000 contacts.

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Daniel J. Hanke

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