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Trainings & Coachings

Enhance your impact through effective personal communication.

Why are some managers able to instill motivation more strongly with their words compared to others? And why is it that we hang onto every word of certain speakers, while we forget other speeches immediately?

Effective leadership communication isn’t solely a question of talent. Anyone can learn how to persuade and inspire through their own messages. Through our customized training courses, we empower executives to communicate authentically and impactfully with their employees, business partners and journalists - whether it’s in one-on-one settings, meetings facing the camera or on the big stage.

Our experienced coaches consistently tailor the training to match the personality and individual needs of their participants. This ensures that your messages will have greater impact in the future!

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„Whether it's a TED talk in front of thousands or a persuasive internally speech , those who train with focus communicate effectively.“ 

Tchoko Souga

Media Training

Our media training courses offer comprehensive guidance to press officers and executives, equipping them with the skills to communicate effectively with journalists, both in general and for specific events.

In addition to many practical exercises aimed at optimizing individual skills, the training places particular emphasis on addressing the following questions:

  • What motivates the media and journalists, and what do they expect from my communication?
  • What are the best practices and pitfalls when engaging with journalists?
  • How do different formats and media possess distinct features?
  • How can I adequately prepare for critical interview situations?

During initial discussions, we determine the desired areas of focus and topics. On this basis, Klenk & Hoursch creates tailored training scenarios situations and content, along with realistic simulations. Moreover, we ensure the necessary setup, including facilities like a TV studio.

Public Speaking

The objective of this training is to thoroughly prepare executives for their role as speakers. We ensure that executives are well-prepared for important presentations or speeches, whether they are part of townhall meetings, business conferences, industry gatherings, or press events.

The training program focuses on two central content areas:

  • Storytelling and Message Delivery
  • Nonverbal communication: Body Language, Facial Expressions, Gestures, Voice Modulation

Personal Leadership Communication

For a company’s success,the communication of its leaders with their teams in a dedicated, credible and convincing manner is paramount, especially when elucidating business strategies and decisions – this becomes even more pivotal during times of transformation.

Personal leadership communication is a powerful lever to align a company with its strategic objectives and to positively increase engagement among the workforce.

Our training program is designed to enhance communication skills within the management team. We cater to groups of up to 25 participants per session. Throughout the training, participants are equipped with the tools necessary for effective personal leadership communication. The goal is for all decision-makers to interact with their teams in a manner that cultivates confidence, motivation, clear direction and a clear sense of purpose. This, in turn, enables each individual to contribute significantly to shared success.

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