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Storm-tested project manager and powerful sustainability driver.

Wind and waves are exactly Marieke Langner's thing. With a steady hand and a clear view, she takes on strategic project management for her clients. Marieke Langner stands for courage in communication. She discovers the right stories and sets the right levers in motion, with curiosity and passion. She meets challenging weather conditions with discretion, pragmatism and good sense of humor. She is passionate about complex topics, products in need of explanation and sustainable transformation. She also supports this transformation internally at Klenk & Hoursch and is driving sustainability activities forward following her further training as a CSR manager.

Marieke Langner lived in Bremen and Flensburg while studying cultural studies and communications. As a true northern light, she spent some time in Iceland before dropping anchor at the gateway to the world - she is with Klenk & Hoursch since March 2022 at the Hamburg office.


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Marieke Langner

Senior Consultant


Klenk & Hoursch
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