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Whether dealing with hectic international accounts, last-minute assignments or urgent crisis situations - Tobias maintains a calm and strategic vision. It’s the reason why he’s in charge of the consultancy division “Crisis and Issues”.

Both nationally and internationally, Tobias has guided numerous clients from different industries through crisis situations or controversial disputes. As a coach and trainer, he always lends an ear to clients when they need it most. He is as familiar with the social web’s opportunities and risks as he is with the concerns of a compliance manager or an international company’s sophisticated online crisis management platform.

Tobias is the Global Chair of the Crisis & Issues Group at PROI, the biggest international network of owner-managed communications agencies, and regularly speaks or writes about crisis prevention and crisis management.


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Tobias Müller

Board & Partner

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„The right strategy, a well-rehearsed team and good crisis management processes are crucial in order to minimise the threat of damage to reputation in the event of an emergency.“ 

Tobias Müller

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