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Making a contribution by setting up a foundation

comdirect launches Stiftung Rechnen

Challenge / Approach

In order to make a noticeable and credible contribution to society, the comdirect Bank decided in 2009 to bundle its social commitment. Together with Klenk & Hoursch, a field of action related to the brand was identified and the idea of "Stiftung Rechnen" was developed. With the charity, comdirect wanted to address stakeholders and partners and motivate them to participate. Klenk & Hoursch was supporting the project both during the start-up phase and during the entire launch campaign.


Due to their enormous relevance in today's world and their clear brand reference, the focal points of education and arithmetic were chosen as a topic platform. Building on this, a charity model was created with a long-term, effective approach regarding content. The specific: The initiative was not only attractive for the bank, but also open to other companies, organizations and institutions that want to promote arithmetic. A business plan, a fundraising strategy, targeted partner acquisition, initial project ideas and a website ( as the central contact point are the cornerstones of the charity. The launch was accompanied by the study "Arithmetic in Germany", a press conference as well as a strategic content strategy.


The launch communication of the Stiftung Rechnen led to a broad media response and great attention for the concerns of the charity and its partners. The kick-off press conference was attended by 30 journalists, representatives from the education and charity sectors, CSR officers, managing directors of existing and potential partners. A print circulation of 4.8 million was achieved between October 2009 and January 2010. Since 2010, the work of Stiftung Rechnen has been supported entirely by internal commitment.

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Georg Lahme

Board & Partner

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