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Enterprise 2.0 & Digital Workplace

Turning digital communication into a strategic lever.

Digital communication makes work in Enterprise 2.0 more productive and organization more flexible. When it is used well. To achieve this, employees must communicate more efficiently with new channels such as enterprise social networks. The company's knowledge must be available ad hoc. In this way, the digital workplace becomes a strategic lever for the company's success.

Demand and reality often diverge. We help to close this gap by bringing together driving forces such as IT, Human Resources and legal departments or works councils. By promoting user-friendliness and designing task-oriented models. By training for the new tasks. By providing relevant content. By making digital communication in the digital workspace really good.

7 Dr  Georg Kolb

Dr. Georg Kolb


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„You need to reconcile the hierarchy of decision making with a culture of participation. Otherwise you won’t experience digitalization’s promise of improved productivity in practice.“ 

Dr. Georg Kolb

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