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Story Development & Agenda Setting

You can’t make history without a story!

How do some always manage to put their topic on the agenda? Because they make an effort with the story! Because they understand the importance of turning their topic into a story. This means professional story development.

Klenk & Hoursch develops stories that strategically communicate messages and put topics on the agenda. From the initial idea, to the narrative, to the storytelling; everything is precisely tailored to the needs of the recipients and to those who will pass the story on.

We can do this for the most complex requests and ordinary products, for extremely narrow or very broad target groups. We deliver, because together with you, we delve into the core of the content, garnering a deep understanding of the life and aspirations of your target audience. Simply because we make an effort with your story.

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„No emotions, no story! If you only convey pure facts, you’re quickly going to become a bore. And that brings nothing new to the table. Nowhere.“ 

Nina Friedmann

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