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Cultures grow together

A joint corporate story for Danone Specialized Nutrition

Challenge / Approach

The French global corporation Danone merges two companies, each with its own tradition, under its roof: Milupa is equipped with 100 years of experience with feeding babies and toddlers during the decisive first 1,000 days of life; Nutricia has over 100 years of expertise in medical nutrition in critical moments and phases of life. Two very distinct corporate cultures with very different marketing approaches shall grow together.


Klenk & Hoursch accompanies Milupa, Nutricia and Danone during each step towards the new company story and towards a common identity.

  • Phase 1: Based on discussions with Corporate Communications team members and input from the participating companies, the story’s general guidelines are drafted by local and international management.
  • Phase 2: During in-depth interviews, Klenk & Hoursch asks managers about their expectations, hopes and fears. The result is a detailed draft with an emotional tone of mutual respect and setting out together.
  • Phase 3: A workshop with 12 executives serves as a test for the story. Is it credible and relevant for all stakeholders? Is the story easy to tell for those who need to share it? The result is a fine-tuned wording of the internal and external story.
  • Phase 4: The story is completed by Klenk & Hoursch's own distinctive visualization. At the annual kick-of meeting with all employees, the story is told by the management.


The story meets with great acceptance. Employees and customers are optimistic about the future of the Specialized Nutrition business unit. The feedback is very positive. "With Klenk & Hoursch, we quickly came up with a corporate story for this challenging project with a clearly structured process that takes all stakeholders along and motivates them. A very uncomplicated cooperation," says Stefan Stohl, Head of Corporate Communications Danone DACH.

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Kathrin Schum

Board & Partner

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