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Skilled Change consultant and value fanatic

He's there when things get down to brass tacks: company positioning, restructuring, digital transformation, cultural change. Volker had guided countless change projects as a counselor, moderator and source of inspiration.

One of his main focus points: the development and implementation of vision mission values-statements as strategic leadership tool. This is particularly prevalent today: vision, strategy and corporate culture must be constantly adapted and aligned because companies and markets are changing rapidly.

Volker has published numerous articles on trust and transparency in the context of change and corporate communications. As an honorary professor in the PR / Corporate Communications master's program at the Institute of Communication Sciences at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, he maintains close contact with science and research.


6 Prof  Dr  Volker Klenk

Prof. Dr. Volker Klenk


More about Change Communications and the management tool mission statements?


„Visions should never be isolated, but should always be thought of in the context of strategy, corporate purpose and corporate culture.“ 

Prof. Dr. Volker Klenk

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